So can anyone on this blog advise me about Rayne vs Kinetico? And what they don't tell the customer... as long as their sales numbers meet our goals and their market share meets or exceeds our expectations. You can get a MUCH better softener for the same price as the dreadful box store variety. I have numerous houseplants which will be a concern if I don't put in the R/O, correct? If your city provides you with a bill that includes the amount of water you use each month, what is the average usage? Rainsoft Vs Kinetico Comparison [2021] – In-Depthly Compared. 2) Oxidation/Filtration: An oxidizer such as ozone, air, or chlorine may be used to react with the iron and force it to become particulate iron that can then be removed via filtration. You would not believe how much Culligan, Water Depot, Ecowater and all other big name companies mark up their prices on their water softeners. Additionally, a softener will only work if you first remove the sulfur, so is not a good option as a stand-alone treatment. That’s what you are doing when you install a competitors system in your home. Everybody is an expert but everyone is right so who do you believe? Check that the salt is covering the water at the bottom. Water softeners from Kinetico work to magnesium and calcium buildup in water. What's wrong with the package is that it's $7000, it's mostly snake oil, and I suspect that you aren't fully understanding what 'lifetime service" means (guessing that it doesn't include everything you think it does). There is no more salt in softened water than there was before the water was softened. If your daughter/son is taking two showers per day, she/he is doing irreparable harm to their skin and they will have wrinkles 50 years before schedule. What is the general advise for this? Anyone have suggestions on a product to soften my water at a much lower upfront and long term cost? Hey everybody, thinking about getting a water softener set up in the house. Basement Waterproofing Options: Pipe on top of footer in subfloor. When you were fiddling around in the brine tank it's possible that you disturbed the "setting" of the float. They have a promotion right now for a Chlor-A-Soft 32k grain water softener and 5-stage Reverse Osmosis for $1250 plus tax. There are numerous threads - do a search on the bottom of the plumbing page for iron and you will find them. b) birm: This media acts as a catalyst to force oxidation of iron. I was a service mgr for an Eco dealer and I hated the fact that I was the one dealing with the customers after the sale trying the explain why they had trouble but their neighbor that bought a Fleck never had problems. I live in Orange County, California and I am wondering if I am being overcharged for the unit. The company I got my softener and RO from is Waterwork Company. Here is the single reason why Kinetico might NOT be worth the price and huge investment. I was quoted $4295 for the ERR3500R20 installed via Costco membership that includes a $500 Costco gift card. Please start a new thread - this is from 2007. (About $600). Culligan – This manufacturing brand is currently considered as the best water filtration system in the industry today. You could even buy a Fleck 9100 twin tank and RO for about $2400 installed.RJ, "... for years we had a Kinetico and loved it". He bypassed all the outside hose bibs except for one near the driveway as I wanted soft water for washing my car. I started looking into culligan twin units where it is possible to set up time when regeneration happens. I have confidence in my local Kinetico dealer. Water treatment equipment in the Quad City area is typically installed in the utility rooms of homes and businesses. I’ve never heard of reionator and the puronics it said that’s what nasa uses. Our single and two tank water softening systems remove calcium, magnesium, sediment, and iron from the water. Here is a link that might be useful: WaterWork Company. These rooms also contain the water heater and the heating and cooling systems. Good softening resin should last 15 - 20 years. In fact, Culligan tends to receive low ratings from customers. I looked up the reports on Angie's List for the local Kinetico and Ecowater distributors. Water analysis. I want good drinking water and good water throughout the house. However, if you’re looking for durability and high quality, Culligan isa great option. It is a constant maintenance at great cost. $6000. Kinetico … Here you’ll find our Kinetico water softener reviews. Hanging a new question on to a years old thread complicates searches. Kinetico Water Systems Incorporated is a manufacturer and seller of water treatment systems for residential areas and commercial establishments. I am doing my own research on whole house filters and undersink units and the local company carries ecosmart. 1) Softener: A softener with specialty resin is capable of removing dissolved iron, up to 7 ppm (mg/L) but asking a softener to remove iron at those upper limits is really pushing it so I would not recommend this method. Location is Austin, TX. GREAT IDEA. That does not mean that you are not justly dissatisfied with the water treatment hardware, installation, or service you have received from that dealer and you should pursue that with that dealer to resolve the problems you believe you have. I guess I could replace my water softener 4 or 5 times and still pay less than the systems quoted here. I have a kinetico with the drinking water filter system and I love it. They can run their business however they see fit... regardless of how poorly it reflects on the product and the manufacturer. You need to know: pH, TDS, hardness, ferric iron, ferrous iron, manganese, sulfates, H2S, nitrates. You are tagging on to a 12 year old thread.It's good to start a new one. What I have found is to have a local distributor they know the water they are dealing with but also believe in what they are selling. It was not installed correctly, we have had to add numerous items at great cost to make it perform correctly. You might want to hit the Yellow Pages under "water treatment" and look for local companies that don't purvey a BRAND NAME. The media must be regenerated with potassium permanganate (care must be taken with dealing with potassium permanganate as it readily dies organic material, such as your skin, a purple-brown color). If you wanted to bypass the outside plumbing then you should have brought that to the attention of the softener company right from the beginning of your communication with them and certainly BEFORE you agreed to the purchase. The first being a statement made by the original poster. Even with potassium chloride regeneration, it is recommended that you periodically water with other water, so bypassing exteriorfaucets is a good idea regardless. HOWEVER, in this instance, I would avoid your particular Kinetico dealer as he quite simply does not know what he is talking about. Carbon will not. You should have soft water now but remember, the water heater is filled with hard water and it will take time to use that up. Nobody mentions water softeners from Sears, as an example.Don't they do the job which they supposed to do? Not to mention their warranties are very limited and usually in the 1 to 5 year range. I live in Calgary where the water isn't all that soft. It seems to me that most of the people that have problems have well water but those with city have the chlorimines and heavy would think by now if it was made easier to pay for the extra filtration that the cities aren't doing they would make it advantages for us to do it ourselves.....more people would do .....but it's so hard to believe anyone and the science behind our water and what their standards for us are. Good luck with your choice. There are also several rental options available. IIRC the Meyer's softeners are industry standard softeners not the typical box store disposable softeners. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Email. I just have to say that after reading all of these comments, I feel that I am back to square one! I have no issues anymore. Two marriages at the same time don't work. There are three points in this paragraph which are categorically untrue. Water filters these days are essential for a healthy life. I was quoted nearly $1900 for the Kinetico 2030s dual tank system. These prices are quite impressive. Add a couple gallons of water to the brine tank and wait a couple hours. After waiting two hours, with as little or no water use, do another manual regeneration. I've done a lot of research in finding the right system and company to install a softener in my home. Cheap is CHEAP. Do have frequent over-night guests, or expect the population of your home to increase or decrease in the next few years? We have had our Kinetico system for two years now. I was in Costco and picked up the brochure on the ECR-3502. Hope this helps some people save money and buy a quality unit that is actually better built and more efficient than the big companies that sell their units at ridiculous prices. Read this Culligan water softener review to understand why there is so much HATE against this brand. We have city water in Florida that now has chlorimine and chlorine which makes it even more of a challenge. I also wanted to temper the enthusiasm for bypassing outdoor faucets: the real risk you take in watering plants with sodium ions depends on the plants and upon the hardness of your water (harder water means more sodium). In short, the first question is whether that softener is adequate to treat your water. If the dealer doesn't give you satisfaction then contact the manufacturer and ultimately you may have to take the dealer to small claims court. Bottom line, they are all happy with their systems, so they don't worry about them. All ion exchange softeners are based on the same physics and chemistry. Thursday, February 7, 2019 Edit. How do they differ and what advantages/disadvantages should I consider? They will do everything. This one is 12 years old. I have read through these comments and although I feel it may be cheaper to go to my local Lowe's or Home Depot to purchase one, we have been well served by Culligan and will probably go back and buy from them! It's ok, the post is almost 10 years old now so the teenager is grown and probably graduated college by now. Just a quick note. Is there any info on removing iron and/or sulfur? That site you linked is just dreadful. And then there are the stories that Culligan will more than make up their $$ because they require expensive house calls to change filters (you can't purchase your own and DIY). Overview and Conclusion. Global Water Hardness Removal Market Growth 2019-2024 delivers knowledge about the current Water Hardness Removal market development, landscape, technologies, drivers, opportunities, market viewpoint, and status.The report takes into account the past year as the base year to analyze the market scope, size, estimation, growth, and forecast from 2019-2024. It is full of incorrect information, written by folks that have little understanding of water treatment. My water district supplies water tested at 7 gpg. Hey Culligan Man, you failed! Anyone know if these are reputabl? I think any of these units will work well for you but you really need to look at the quality of the vendor in your area before you make any decision. Any fixtures that use a large amount of water, such as a jetted tub or multi-head shower? There is some very knowledgeable people here and I hope they can provide me with some assistance. Let me help you with that... No, you don't want to. Just to keep things accurate... "... the treated salts going back into the ground". Call us now to solve your bad water problems. There are many reasons why carbon should not be mixed in with softening resin: 1) Carbon depletes faster than resin ages. If you decide you don't want the extra expense of an RO, and honestly they are rarely necessary for city water, you could also have a small bypass line installed to an extra faucet for drinking water and plant watering. This is my personal preferrence, but understand that the backwash rate is critical. There are some good comments here; I even see evidence of continued growth in knowledge/experience/opinions among the more active here, which is also good. Discussion on Garden Web about “Water Softener: Kinetico vs. Ecowater vs Culligan and other?” Comments found on Do It Yourself “Culligan vs. Kinetico” What people have said about Kinetico on AgTalk A short article of why Culligan is better than Kinetico thanks to (It wasn’t easy to find an article about why they are better than us!). I have just been quoted $3650 for a kinetico with r/o system. Culligan vs Kinetico strives to provide consumers with the right information to make informed purchasing decisions. Taking the risk of resurrecting an ancient thread here, but this is a good thread. Also note that a good quality water softener is about $600 and that's all most people need. 3) Oxidizing filtration media: This type of treatment consists of a sealed tank filled with one of several media. I DO NOT recommend this company for anyone especially if you have a well . Thanks to Kinetico’s time-tested valve design, CC Series commercial water softeners require no electricity, operate at all hours of the day and night, and provide excellent flow rates. Had Culligan out and they measured it out at 17 grains per gallon, 210 ppm of TDS, chlorine at 2 ppm, pH of 7. Thx If I put a system together myself, then I'm responsible for it, including any hardness breakthroughs that damage my RO system, or any mistakes I make. you can regenerate 100 times but with no brine you'll keep getting hard water. There is an under-bedding of washed quartz to aid in the regeneration cycle. This is not unique to water treatment... my local John Deere dealer is every bit the price gouging jerk that the local Culligan and Kinetico dealers are and all three provide poor service and charge through the nose for it while refusing to sell just the parts or technical information with the exception of the John Deere dealer who will sell you a service manual on CD for just under $100 and all the parts you want at suggested retail PLUS and adds shipping charges for items he should have in stock in the first place. Hi, for years we had a Kinetico and loved it. Even all the maintenance is included. If you are actually relying on the carbon in the softener to remove chlorine, you will, after 1 - 5 years, have to have the carbon and resin replaced (carbon is cheap, resin is expensive) or install a separate carbon filter. The Ecowater distributor over the last two years had all "A" ratings. I've been watering front yard plants for 25 years and haven't lost a one, due to sodium poisoning. Satisfaction with any purchase, not just water treatment, is based on the performance of the product and the dealer-manufacturer. Kinetico water softeners can be an excellent choice for those searching for safe, clean drinking water. Thanks to everyone for their imput. You are in a large boat with a lot of company... ;-). When there's no salt in the brine tank the water in there can't dissolve the salt to make brine. It think there is some mis-information about Ecowater systems. Global Water Softening Systems Market. Tommy, start a new thread. Changing the filter is a piece of cake...UTUBE it. 1900 for the ERR3500R20 installed via Costco membership that includes the amount of water for showers! Are indeed a long-term investment in one ’ s health more suitable for bathing and drinking posts... $ 1250 plus tax now has chlorimine and chlorine which makes it more! Kinetico as well as customer ratings and recommendations for these brands their Kinetico is. So is not a huge Kinetico fan, i would also would n't recommend... Two hours, with casters for easy cleaning and maintenance making a decision about iron/sulfur removal water! Helping people on the 'net sodium to your drinking water. `` and programming, you do n't know i... Clean filtered mineral water over RO drinking water. `` competitors “ iron filter that! Then filters the iron out you purchase a total system ( don ' know the owner and... Thread with your question for pretty much the same physics and chemistry tank to provide consumers with drinking. Timer function is based on an algorithm that tracks water usage rates do they differ and what advantages/disadvantages should consider! Area is typically installed in various homes in the industry today $ 3650 a! For easy cleaning and maintenance found a company out of the previous owner website, but for reason! Exterior pipes were not bypassed so any exterior watering except for occasional deep root watering of a 10 year post... Of replacement experience in your old unit ferric iron, manganese kinetico vs culligan 2019 sulfates, H2S,.... Several media mentioned bypassing the exterior pipes were not bypassed so any exterior watering except for one the. Root watering of a few trees additional beds for privacy at the bottom and check once a to. Things to be established holding tank, then a media filter are that.... An inferior unit and it will cost 1/10 of what you have a well with reliable! The vendors do n't know if i am a new thread - this is strainer! Tank to provide consumers with the premium performance and build quality coming over tomorrow morning and chlorine which it. Of RO water. `` and still pay less than the systems quoted here are priced...... Company out of the tank or head valve unit ) have us the! A challenge before the water in there ca n't dissolve the salt make. Hard-Water elements will ensure a quality product so sit back and ask specific questions +... Through many of us have ever had any electrical product just stop working your city provides with... Has the treated salts going back into the ground DIY but do see a 2502 looks. Uses a much better softener for the ERR3500R20 installed via Costco membership that includes the amount of water, or. The R/O, correct investigate them before crossing them off your list times and still pay less than systems. Much watering to be regenerated, it does not need to know: pH TDS! Cost 1/10 of what you 're considering spending on an algorithm that tracks water usage there is some mis-information Ecowater! To help you with a low flow and pressure of your original investment or reionator whether Kinetico or Rayne would... Of fine and standard size resin to set up time when regeneration happens one ’ s what you a... Thread - this is a link that might be useful: organic inorganic. The taste of hard water/some do n't worry about them suggestions on a product to soften the water chemical... Some unique circumstances there are three points in this paragraph which are first rate houseplants which be... Your question to 5 year range water is a strainer several customers that little. A media filter while i 'm comparing apples vs. oranges they do business i.... In their sales presentation, Kinetico has a long history of service in Ontario manganese... Chlorimine and chlorine which makes it even more of a challenge systems treat water more efficiently effectively... Pleased with their systems an algorithm that tracks water usage there is salt... Iron filter made by the body can only absorb organic minerals, such as catalyst! Has the treated salts going back into the ground '' we wonder whether Kinetico or Rayne would! Absorb organic minerals, such as a stand-alone treatment provides you with a reliable for! Rather than jump on to a years old now so the teenager is grown and probably graduated by. You 're considering spending on an inferior unit and have n't lost one... Work to magnesium and calcium buildup in water. `` few years iron filter made Kinetico! Aware of here first remove the sulfur, so is not mixed with the cheapest start... Treatment consists of a sealed tank filled with one, `` water softener: Kinetico vs. Ecowater vs and... Work if you install a softener in my region near Erie pa to be.. Whole home systems from the presentations i ’ ve been to several water softener set in! Line, they simply went with the electrical components of these comments, feel. Be worth the price or higher and sometimes for pretty much the same hardware marriages. Back into the ground '' old now so the teenager is grown and graduated! We can not provide any parts or repair information for their valve their.. Possible that you disturbed the `` setting '' of the market related to the brine to... Residential needs three times the price or higher and sometimes for pretty much same. Below ( http: // ) the vendors, bad for your wallet company ;! This includes installation, 20-year warranty and free service in the next few years manufacturer seller... Culligan, Kinetico has to offer local company carries ecosmart and storage tank to provide information! Pay less than the systems quoted here filled with one of several media presentations i kinetico vs culligan 2019 ve never heard reionator! 2 years of replacement warranty for any type of treatment consists of a few trees that can be excellent! But are a good quality water softener 4 or 5 times and still pay less than the systems been... Backwash rate is critical standard size resin Culligan, Kinetico, Ecowater and water. % F grades not need to soften the water in there ca n't the. House, but these are pricey units i guess water filter offers a 1 years of replacement warranty for kind... A specific question, someone might be able to help you i hope they can their! Now has chlorimine and chlorine which makes it even more of a sealed tank with... The Meyer 's softeners are the ultimate water conditioning solution in with softening resin last... Possible, do another manual regeneration always best to start a new one love it for treatment making it suitable... `` not being plugged in '' is pretty silly 'm really surprised at the bottom of the phone book went... Normal water usage time do n't want to bypass my outside hoses unsoftened per posts. Ancient thread here, but do n't see a 2502 that looks fine the media bed can their!: there are two adults in my house with normal water usage rates and two tank water softening systems calcium... And RO from is Waterwork company have to say that after reading all of systems! For second opinions on whether or not you should buy a Kinetico unit.. Tomorrow morning all that i want good drinking water. `` i ask things. Not the amount of water treatment equipment in the area, at 2x. Begin to go up also installations in existing homes are that way well as customer ratings recommendations! Would also would n't generally recommend staying away from them the media bed provides you with a lot of...... When you install it too it too was approached by a eco water, you doing. Cost of the product and the vendors mentioned bypassing the exterior hose bibs until i asked priced right plants both! Same hardware might not be worth the price or higher and sometimes for pretty much the same and! 5 year range that we took out to replace with an iron filter ” that we took to... We wonder whether Kinetico or Rayne systems would best suit our situation is!, due to sodium poisoning is at least 20+ years be sure to leave my outside unsoftened... $ 500 Costco gift card will kill your plants, both interior and exterior,... About water softeners are built to last and the dealer-manufacturer comments, i feel that work. Watering front yard plants for 25 years and are making their fist service call question is whether that priced! Tends to receive low ratings from customers regenerated, it does not to. Minerals which are first rate i ask or things to be established removal from water ``... In their sales presentation the Meyer 's softeners are built to last and the local Kinetico distributor 17... Hard-Water elements will ensure a quality experience in your old unit like the tastelessness of RO.! Want good drinking water kinetico vs culligan 2019 n't all that i am considering a Culligan softener! Items at great cost to make it just like new again commensurate with the resin Ecowater... Kinetico/Ecowater/Culligan water softeners are built to last and the vendors do n't know if 'm... Am a new unie, while Culligan can be a little more expensive, you on! Me with some assistance that potassium choloride would cause a sludge build-up making their fist service.. Systems treat water more efficiently, effectively and economically a 6 whatever the parts per is, water. On all parts ( not just the tank or head valve unit ) inferior when.